Mike Morgan – Cold Wind

Mike Morgan – Cold Wind

Mike Morgan – Cold Wind



Magic Blues – 2012

Mike Morgan (born November 30, 1959, Dallas, Texas) is an American Texas and electric blues musician.He has released thirteen albums to date, on various record labels including Rounder, Black Top and Severn Records. The majority of his releases have featured his long standing backing band, The Crawl. Morgan has played alongside Darrell Nulisch, Lee McBee, Gary Primich, and Randy McAllister.

Morgan was born in Dallas, but grew up in Hillsboro, Texas.He received his first guitar at an early age, and initially concentrated on playing rock music. In 1985 he converted to blues and blues-rock, before relocating back to Dallas in 1986. There he met Darrell Nulisch, who both were founding members of The Crawl. The group was named for a Lonnie Brooks song.

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